relief meaning

[ ri'li:f ] Pronunciation:   "relief" in a sentence
Noun: relief  ri'leef
  1. The feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced
    "as he heard the news he was suddenly flooded with relief"

Derived forms: reliefs

Type of: aid, alteration, amends, assist, assistance, break, change, comfort, comfortableness, compeer, damages, decrease, diminution, equal, freeing, help, indemnification, indemnity, intermission, interruption, liberation, match, modification, pause, peer, public assistance, redress, reduction, release, restitution, sculpture, social welfare, step-down, suspension, welfare

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Sculptured work, carving, casting, or embossing that is raised above the plane of its background. Also called relievo; see bas-relief, demi-relief, high relief, mezzo-relievo, sunk relief.




1 [U]

if you are given relief from a debt, a payment, tax, etc. then you do not have to pay it or you pay it at a lower rate:

The organization is asking for relief from fuel tax.

The bank has agreed to some interest relief on loan repayments.

Industry leaders called on the Bank committee to offer relief to manufacturers.

❖ to give/offer/provide relief

◆ to claim/gain/get/receive relief

◆ to be eligible for/be entitled to/qualify for relief

2 [U]

help given to a country or people after a war or natural disaster, etc:

emergency/flood relief

The government has released funds for flood relief.

❖ to give/provide/send relief

◆ a relief agency/organization/worker

3 [U] (especially AmE)

financial help given by the government to people who need it:

state and federal relief funds

relief for farmers whose crops have suffered from the hot weather

BENEFIT noun (2)

4 [C with sing./pl. verb] (often used as an adjective)

a person or group of people that replaces another when they have finished working for the day or when they are sick:

The relief crew comes on duty at 9 o'clock.

relief drivers

(*) Inequalities of evaluation and the configuration of land features on the surface of the Earth which may be represented on maps or charts by contours, hypsometric tints, shading, or spot elevations.

See debt relief, and mortgage interest relief


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  1. a comic scene follows by way of relief.
  2. faith is an uncertain relief.
  3. her feelings were part anger, part relief.
  4. an idea came to my relief.
  5. please give generously to famine relief.

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