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    Help by central government for regions with low per capita incomes or high unemployment. This may take the form of state funds for infrastructure investment, subsidies or tax allowances to induce private firms to invest in depressed regions, or special assistance with projects such as technical education, designed to make the areas in need of aid more attractive to investors. The European Union (EU) also provides regional aid to depressed regions in member countries, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). In spite of large amounts of regional aid, regional differences in per capita incomes have been extremely persistent.


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  1. five main issues of the regional aids legislation
  2. This, in turn, may also skew regional AIDS statistics.
  3. They also want bigger farm production quotas and more regional aid.
  4. Construction was also used as an instrument of regional aid.
  5. The spat over farm subsidies and regional aid is crucial.

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