refund meaning

[ ri:'fʌnd ] Pronunciation:   "refund" in a sentence
Noun: refund  'ree`fúnd
  1. Money returned to a payer 
  2. The act of returning money received previously
    - repayment
Verb: refund  `ree'fúnd
  1. Pay back
    "Please refund me my money"
    - return, repay, give back

Derived forms: refunding, refunded, refunds

Type of: defrayal, defrayment, pay, payment

Encyclopedia: Refund

noun, verb

(Accounting ; Commerce )

noun // [C]

a sum of money that is paid back to you, especially because you paid too much or because you returned goods to a shop/store:

a tax refund

Return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund. See note at REDUCTION

❖ to claim/demand/receive a refund

◆ to make/offer/pay a refund

verb // [+ obj] refund sth (to sb) | refund sb sth

to give sb their money back, especially because they have paid too much or because they are not satisfied with sth they bought:

Tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded.

We will refund you your money in full.

The credit-card company may have to refund $500m to customers.

If you find a cheaper fare elsewhere, the airline will refund the difference.


refundable adjective:

a refundable deposit

Tickets are not refundable.

To retire existing bond issues through the sale of a new bond issue, usually to reduce the interest rate being paid.


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  1. i have been instructed by the company to offer you a refund.
  2. you may exchange the shirt but not return it for a refund.
  3. i can only refund half.
  4. tomorrow he would return them to the store and claim refunds.
  5. needless to say, we shall refund any expenses you may incur.

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