refuge meaning

[ 'refju:dʒ ] Pronunciation:   "refuge" in a sentence
Noun: refuge  refyooj
  1. A safe place
    - safety 
  2. Something or someone turned to for assistance or security
    "took refuge in lying"
    - recourse, resort 
  3. A shelter from danger or hardship
    - sanctuary, asylum 
  4. Act of turning to for assistance
    - recourse, resort

Derived forms: refuges

Type of: aid, area, assist, assistance, country, help, resource, shelter

Encyclopedia: Refuge Refuge, Cities of Refuge, Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the


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  1. fatalism was nadiensky's only refuge.
  2. she took refuge in her own thoughts.
  3. king mekut'i had taken refuge in vien chang.
  4. now i feel it's my only refuge.
  5. in what do they seek refuge as safe?

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