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Neoplasms of the intracranial components of the central nervous system,including the cerebral hemispheres,basal ganglia,hypothalamus,thalamus,brain stem,and cerebellum. Brain neoplasms are subdivided into primary (originating from brain tissue) and secondary (i.e.,metastatic) forms. Primary neoplasms are subdivided into benign and malignant forms. In general,brain tumors may also be classified by age of onset,histologic type,or presenting location in the brain.


  1. Nine medical institutions in the United States have formed a Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium, which " is dedicated to the development of new and innovative treatments for children with progressive / recurrent brain tumors not responsive to standard therapies.
  2. A fourth accelerator, manufactured by SHI, is located at the Southern Tohoku BNCT Research Center in Fukushima prefecture in Japan and is being used in a Phase II clinical trial for BNCT of recurrent brain tumors and head and neck cancer.

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