recurrence meaning

[ ri'kʌrəns ] Pronunciation:   "recurrence" in a sentence
Noun: recurrence  ri'kúruns
  1. Happening again (especially at regular intervals)
    - return, reoccurence

Derived forms: recurrences

See also: recur, recurrent

Type of: repeat, repetition

Encyclopedia: Recurrence

The return of a sign,symptom,or disease after a remission. n
1 : return of symptoms of a disease after a remission
2 : reappearance of a tumor after previous removal


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  1. this demonstrates the double-index recurrence relation.
  2. so it went on continuously, the recurrence of love and conflict between them.
  3. several procedures are available to meet practical problems of frequent recurrence.
  4. generating functions are an ideal tool for studying sequences defined by recurrence.
  5. not only do the a's satisfy the same recurrence formula, but the initial values are the same.

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