recline meaning

[ ri'klain ] Pronunciation:   "recline" in a sentence
Verb: recline  ri'klIn
  1. Move the upper body backwards and down
    - lean back 
  2. Cause to recline
    "She reclined her head on the pillow" 
  3. Lean in a comfortable resting position
    - recumb, repose

Derived forms: reclined, reclines, reclining

See also: recliner, reclining

Type of: angle, lay, lean, lie, place, pose, position, put, set, slant, tilt, tip


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  1. being tired out, he reclined on the couch.
  2. he reclined comfortably on a sofa reading a newspaper.
  3. i lay reclined upon the grass.
  4. he reclined on a rug.
  5. badly satisfied, cathy sat down, and he reclined beside her.

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