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rebound on
! Rebound upon is more formal than rebound on, and is used mostly in writing.
rebound on/upon sb not passive if an action rebounds on someone, it has a harmful effect on them even though it was only intended to affect someone else:
These new government restrictions on the food industry are likely to rebound on the farmers, who are already struggling to survive.
When church leaders tried to punish such disobedience, their efforts frequently rebounded on themselves.


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  1. reddopsi . foe's power rebounds on her
  2. the market rebound on the news of the government's decision
  3. he was stifling on d and got hustle rebounds on the offensive end
  4. gasol has three double-doubles in his last four games, including 17 points and 14 rebounds on sunday
  5. after an early decline, a partial rebound on wall street following an unusual and emergency interest rate cut by the fed

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