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  • [Medicine]
    A syndrome characterized by recurring fever,rash,and arthralgias occurring days to weeks after a rat bite. The causative agents are either Streptobacillus moniliformis or Spirillum minus.


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  1. The cause is not aspergillus nor rat bite fever.
  2. Federal health officials said only a few cases of rat bite fever are reported each year.
  3. The bacteria is present in the saliva of all rats but not all bite victims contract rat bite fever.
  4. Diagnosis for spirillary rat bite fever is by direct visualization or culture of spirilla from blood smears or tissue from lesions or lymph nodes.
  5. Rat bites were a main cause of hemorrhagic fever, rat bite fever and other epidemic diseases, it added, urging an all-out civilian war against the pests.

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