ram down meaning

  "ram down" in a sentence
  • Verb: ram down  ram dawn
    1. Strike or drive against with a heavy impact
      - ram, pound 
    2. Teach by drills and repetition
      - hammer in, drill in, beat in

    Derived forms: ramming down, rammed down, rams down

    See also: ram

    Type of: drill, thrust


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  1. they are using a heavy machine to ram down the surface of the newly mended road
  2. His lorry rams down a check post gate and the police chase them.
  3. Miller came out in the third quarter with the Rams down by 37-3.
  4. Ferragamo smartly moved the Rams down the field, completing 3 out of 4 passes around runs by Tyler.
  5. Last season, the Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns were up, the Chicago Bears and St . Louis Rams down.

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