radiotherapy meaning

[ 'reidiəu'θerəpi ] Pronunciation:   "radiotherapy" in a sentence
Noun: radiotherapy  `reydeeow'therupee
  1. (medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance
    - radiation therapy, radiation, actinotherapy, irradiation

Derived forms: radiotherapies

See also: radiotherapist

Type of: therapy

Encyclopedia: Radiotherapy Radiotherapy, adjuvant

The use of X rays and/or radioactive substances in the treatment of disease and disorders.

The use of ionizing radiation to treat malignant neoplasms and other benign conditions. The most common forms of ionizing radiation used as therapy are x-rays,gamma rays,and electrons. A special form of radiotherapy,targeted radiotherapy,links a cytotoxic radionuclide to a molecule that targets the tumor. When this molecule is an antibody or other immunologic molecule,the technique is called RADIOIMMUNOTHERAPY. n pl -pies : the treatment of disease by means of radiation (as X rays) —called also radiation therapy, radium therapy —compare RADIODIAGNOSIS


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  1. surgery and radiotherapy should be combined.
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  5. a new type of die for blocks of x-ray conformal radiotherapy

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