radiolucent meaning

Pronunciation:   "radiolucent" in a sentence
Adjective: radiolucent  `reydeeow'loosunt
  1. Almost complete transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation
    "radiolucent tissues"

Antonym: radiopaque

Encyclopedia: Radiolucent

adj : partly or wholly permeable to radiation and esp. X rays —compare RADIOPAQUE


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  1. the patient has a radiolucent lesion below the molar teeth in the right mandible
  2. ureteroscopy on diagnosis and treatment of radiolucent ureteral calculi a report of 40 cases
  3. Most human enteroliths are radiolucent on plain X-rays.
  4. Cystine calculi are only faintly radiodense, while uric acid stones are usually entirely radiolucent.
  5. It is a localized increase of hematopoietic bone marrow that creates a radiolucent radiographic defect.

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