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Information systems,usually computer-assisted,designed to store,manipulate,and retrieve information for planning,organizing,directing,and controlling administrative activities associated with the provision and utilization of radiology services and facilities.


  1. Note that this section does not cover integration to a Radiology Information System, Hospital Information System and other such front-end system that relates to the PACS workflow.
  2. SAVE : it is the largest independent radiology information system ( RIS ) provider in the UK 18 : 34, 7 June 2015 ( UTC )  Preceding contribs)
  3. Now there are HIS, Radiology Information System ( RIS ), Laboratory Information System ( LIS ) and Picture Archiving and Communication System ( PACS ) in many bigger hospitals, each system run independently in most hospitals.
  4. The service also makes it possible for a healthcare institution to include radiology data obtained from out-of-network facilities or physicians in the institution's PACS, radiology information system ( RIS ), healthcare information system ( HIS ), or electronic medical record ( EMR ).

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