radiologist meaning

Pronunciation:   "radiologist" in a sentence
Noun: radiologist  `reydee'ólujist
  1. A medical specialist who uses radioactive substances and X-rays in the treatment of disease
    - radiotherapist

Derived forms: radiologists

See also: radiology

Type of: medical specialist, specialist

Encyclopedia: Radiologist

A specialist skilled in RADIOLOGY.

n : a physician specializing in the use of radiant energy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes


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  1. the radiologist said, " you have to hold her still for four minutes.
  2. from time to time, radiologists are asked to donate their medical services
  3. your radiologist attends the fair to assist in interpreting these screening tests
  4. we went to the radiologist who said, " you need to somehow hold her still for four minutes.
  5. the promise behind computer-aided detection was that the computer programs would help radiologists find cancers

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