radiological dispersal device meaning

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A device, other than a nuclear explosive device, designed to disseminate radioactive material in order to cause destruction, damage, or injury.
Also called RDD.
(JP 3-41)


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  1. Abraham told the opening session of the first high-level global conference on what are technically known as radiological dispersal devices.
  2. Many experts warned that medical and industrial radioactive devices could be used by terrorists for making a radiological dispersal device, or dirty bomb.
  3. Instead, a dirty bomb _ also known as a radiological dispersal device _ would do its damage by using a conventional explosion to propel radioactive material into the air.
  4. Such a weapon _ also called a radiological dispersal device _ would use conventional explosives to spread industrial or medical-grade radioactive material in a populated area to cause widespread fear of exposure.
  5. The team also examined the potential for terrorists to steal or build an actual nuclear weapon, but found that less likely than the construction of a radiological dispersal device, or dirty bomb.

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