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  • Noun: radio reflector
    1. Astronomical telescope that picks up electromagnetic radiations in the radio-frequency range from extraterrestrial sources
      - radio telescope

    Derived forms: radio reflectors

    Type of: astronomical telescope

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  1. Dr . Donald B . Campbell, the director of the upgrade, escorted guests to the interior of an aluminum dome suspended by cables hundreds of feet above the ground, containing two gigantic radar and radio reflectors.
  2. If there is a radio reflector nearby ( potentially anything sizeable and metal ) you may get a pattern where the reflection cancels out the unreflected signal at one point, but a few metres away doesn't cancel it.
  3. The largest individual radio telescope of any kind is the RATAN-600 located near Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia, which consists of a 576-meter circle of rectangular radio reflectors, each of which can be pointed towards a central conical receiver.
  4. A disadvantage of the original Arecibo system was that a spherical reflector, whether it is an optical mirror or the perforated metal sheeting covering a radio reflector like that of Arecibo's dish, cannot bring rays to focus at a single point.
  5. E . g . in the UK some amateur radio licence holders are allowed to transmit using ( 33 dBw ) 2 . 0 kW for experiments entailing using the moon as a passive radio reflector ( known as Earth-Moon-Earth communication ) ( EME ).

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