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  • [Engineering]
    Process of locating a radio transmitter by plotting the intersection of its azimuth as determined by two or more radio direction finders.


  1. In 1936, the SCL started research in Radio Position Finding ( RPF  later called radar ).
  2. Development then started on the Army s first system for Radio Position Finding ( RPF )-- the name  radar did not come into existence until 1940.
  3. The name was soon adopted by the U . S . Army, replacing Radio Position Finding ( RPF ), and by the British, replacing Radio Detection and Finding ( RDF ).
  4. By 1938, this had evolved into the Army's first Radio Position Finding ( RPF ) set, designated " SCR-268 ", Signal Corps Radio, to disguise the technology.
  5. In Jennet Conant's coming book, " Tuxedo Park, " about a social setting in which key scientists worked during World War II, the origin of radar is recounted : U . S . Army scientists used R . P . F ., for " radio position finding, " while the British preferred R . D . F ., for " radio direction finding ."

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