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1. A
change in the frequency of a radio signal emitted by a source having radial motion, with respect to the receiver.
2. An electronic device used to measure radial speed by means of the Doppler effect at radio frequencies.

Direct determination of the radial component of the relative velocity of an object by an observed frequency change due to such velocity.
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  1. The drive marked the end of the geodynamics science experiment, which used radio Doppler measurements while the rover was stationary.
  2. This transfer to S-band was a major enhancement of the DSN capabilities in this era; another was the introduction of rubidium frequency standards which improved the quality of radio Doppler data and hence improved the trajectory determinations needed for interplanetary missions.
  3. He concluded that there is a systematic error in the " Cassini " radio Doppler data used in the analysis, but after restricting the analysis to a subset of data obtained closest to the moon, he arrived at his old result that Rhea was in hydrostatic equilibrium and had the moment inertia of about 0 . 4, again implying a homogeneous interior.

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