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The employment of radio to deceive the enemy.
Radio deception includes sending false dispatches, using deceptive headings, employing enemy call signs, etc.
See also electronic warfare.
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  1. Sudoplatov later described this operation as " the most successful radio deception game of the war ".
  2. Experienced telegraph intercept operators can recognize radio deception when the fist failed to match the purported operator identity.
  3. This training is thought to have been critical to what his mentor, Pavel Sudoplatov, later called one of the most important radio deception operations of the war.
  4. During this operation, she was sent alone within scouting range of Japanese airfields in an effort to draw out Japanese aircraft by radio deception, but none rose to the bait.
  5. On 13 December, she participated in another operation to escort a convoy to North Africa, but the attempt was broken off after a British radio deception effort convinced the Italians that the British fleet was in the area.

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