radiance meaning

[ 'reidiəns ] Pronunciation:   "radiance" in a sentence
Noun: radiance  reydeeuns
  1. The amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface
    - glow, glowing 
  2. The quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
    - radiancy, shine, effulgence, refulgence, refulgency 
  3. An attractive combination of good health and happiness
    "the radiance of her countenance"

Derived forms: radiances

See also: radiant, radiate

Type of: brightness, felicity, good health, happiness, healthiness, light, visible light, visible radiation

Encyclopedia: Radiance


The rate of radiant emission per unit solid angle and per unit projected area of a source in a stated angular direction from the surface.

The radiant flux emitted by an object. Radiance is measured in terms of the amount of energy contained in a unit solid angle (steradian) with the source at the apex.


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  1. humboldt wanted to drape the world in radiance.
  2. what we needed was a new radiance altogether.
  3. her early radiance was gone.
  4. the wings of a crow cannot blot out the radiance of the sun.
  5. he saw a youth of great radiance beckoning to him.

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