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  • Noun: radar astronomy
    1. (astronomy) a technique that uses radar echoes to examine bodies within the solar system, obtaining information about size, shape, topography, surface density, spin etc.

    Encyclopedia: Radar astronomy

  • [Electronics]
    The use of radar equipment to observe and map planets, moons, and asteroids, and to measure their distance from the earth or from a spacecraft.


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  1. His research interests include radar imaging, optical signal processing, and radar astronomy.
  2. He co-authored with T . Hagfors the classic textbook of Radar Astronomy.
  3. Much of Dr . Ostro's career focused on the development of asteroid radar astronomy.
  4. In later years radar was used in scientific instruments, such as weather radar and radar astronomy.
  5. In fact, essentially all major radar astronomy activities have been conducted as adjuncts to radio astronomy observatories.

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