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    The term used to indicate that the provision of advice and information is based on radar observation.


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  1. Beneath the MRSA all aircraft operating outside Controlled Airspace ( CAS ) were provided with a Radar Advisory Service.
  2. On 31 July 1968, " Sterett " relieved guided missile frigate as Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone ( PIRAZ ) unit.
  3. For later operations, the frigate served on antiair picket station and as the Positive Identification and Radar Advisory Zone ( PIRAZ ) station.
  4. From 28 January to 10 February, " Agerholm " served as escort for the destroyer leader in the positive identification radar advisory zone ( PIRAZ ).
  5. Three days later, she arrived on station in the Tonkin Gulf and, on 8 June, took over positive identification radar advisory zone ( PIRAZ ) duties from.

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