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  • Noun: racing gig
    1. A light narrow racing boat for two or more oarsmen

    Derived forms: racing gigs

    Type of: racing boat

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  1. One plastic gig ( Evans Above ) and two wooden racing gigs ( Top Catch and Storm ).
  2. The sport is governed by the Cornish Pilot Gig Association, which monitors all racing gigs during the construction phase.
  3. However non-racing gigs have been built which do not conform to the exact specification of the Treffry and are disallowed from racing in competitive races.
  4. All modern racing gigs are based on the " Treffry ", built in 1838 by William Peters of St . Mawes, and still owned and raced by the Newquay Rowing Club.
  5. The area of operation has a mixed boating population of a fishing fleet, recreational yachtsmen, both sail and power, yacht racing fleets, small commercial passenger vessels, kayaks, canoes, military vessels, dinghy racing fleets, racing gigs, small boats and inflatables, powered and unpowered.

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