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  1. There's nothing left for the animals to eat except rabbit brush and greasewood, and they are both like poison ."
  2. Livestock owners wait in line for 12 hours or more to fill water barrels, and the cattle are becoming ill from eating rabbit brush.
  3. Navajo used indigo to obtain shades from pale blue to near black and mixed it with indigenous yellow dyes such as the rabbit brush plant to obtain bright green effects.
  4. They made use of native plants such as the pinion pine, juniper, rabbit brush, saltbush, mountain mahogany, and yucca for food, dyes, medicine, and tools.
  5. Half a century ago, the Army marched into the Rush Valley here, cleared the sage and the rabbit brush, and then filled 208 concrete bunkers with an arsenal of mortar rounds, rockets, and bombs carrying mustard and nerve gas.

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