quote meaning

[ kwəut ] Pronunciation:   "quote" in a sentence
Verb: quote  kwowt
  1. Repeat a passage from
    "He quoted the Bible to her"
    - cite 
  2. Name the price of
    "quote prices for cars" 
  3. Refer to for illustration or proof
    "He said he could quote several instances of this behaviour"
    - cite 
  4. Put quote marks around
    "Here the author is quoting his colleague"
Noun: quote  kwowt
  1. A punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
    - quotation mark, inverted comma [Brit] 
  2. A passage or expression that is quoted or cited
    - quotation, citation

Derived forms: quoting, quoted, quotes

See also: quotation, quoter

Type of: advert, bring up, cite, excerpt, excerption, extract, give, ingeminate, iterate, mark, mention, name, punctuate, punctuation, punctuation mark, refer, reiterate, repeat, restate, retell, selection

Encyclopedia: Quote Quote, Unquote

AmE / verb, noun

verb [+ obj]

1 (Commerce ) quote sb sth

to tell a customer how much you will charge them for a job, service or product:

We were quoted a price of $9 a metre for 50 000 metres of material.

2 (Stock Exchange )

to record the name of a company on a stock exchange so that its shares can be bought and sold:

The company is quoted on the New York stock exchange.

3 (Finance )

to give the price of a share on a stock exchange or a currency:

Traders quoted the securities at about 70 cents on the dollar.

The euro was quoted at $1.00031.

noun [C]

(Commerce )

a statement of how much money a particular piece of work will cost:

The first quote you get is rarely the most competitive.



Before asking someone to do a piece of work, for example to repair a vehicle, it is usual to ask them to tell you how much they expect it to cost. They do this by giving you a written estimate or a quotation/quote.

A person giving a quotation/quote often agrees to limit their fee to the amount stated in it.

A person giving an estimate usually keeps the right to change their price if circumstances change, for example if the price of parts rises or the work takes longer than expected.

1. The last price at which a security or commodity traded, meaning the most recent price on which a buyer and seller agreed and at which some amount of the asset was transacted.

To cite a relevant excerpt from an appropriate bible. "I don't care if "rn" gets it wrong; "Followup-To: poster" is explicitly permitted by RFC 1036. I'll quote chapter and verse if you don't believe me." See also legalese, language lawyer, RTFS (sense 2).


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  1. index all the quoted names in a book.
  2. please quote our reference when replying.
  3. i asked zeitzler not to quote this.
  4. this is often quoted above of 67% probability.
  5. he quoted figures to prove his case.

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