quilted bedspread meaning

  "quilted bedspread" in a sentence
Noun: quilted bedspread
  1. A bedspread constructed like a thin quilt

Derived forms: quilted bedspreads

Type of: bed cover, bed covering, bedcover, bedspread, counterpane, spread


  1. Shortly after that, the lovers'quilted bedspread is stolen off their backs while they sleep by a band of her nephews.
  2. Wood floors lead from one room to the next _ rooms filled with painted cabinets, carved wildlife, hooked rugs, quilted bedspreads, large pillows and furniture covered in shades of blue, red and white ( just like its owner, on this particular day ).
  3. A floor of soft old orange tiles, three ceiling beams and dark wood paneling gave the room something of a van Eyck feeling, lightened by ruched sea-green silk on the upper walls and a cloud-light king-size quilted bedspread and full-length curtains in a striking design of red and purple roses on a black-green ground.

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