quillwort meaning

Pronunciation:   "quillwort" in a sentence
Noun: quillwort
  1. Any of several spore-bearing aquatic or marsh plants having short rhizomes and leaves resembling quills; worldwide except Polynesia

Derived forms: quillworts

Type of: fern ally

Part of: genus Isoetes, Isoetes

Encyclopedia: Quillwort


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  1. Quillwort species are very difficult to distinguish by general appearance.
  2. It is endemic to Taiwan, and the only species of quillwort there.
  3. As other quillworts, it is relatively small, with erect leaves long.
  4. All quillworts and their extinct relatives are heterosporous.
  5. He was particularly interested in quillworts, of which, he described several new species.

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