quillet meaning

Pronunciation:   "quillet" in a sentence
1. A subtlety in argument
2. A quibble
  ORIGIN: Perh L quidlibet what you will


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  1. Le Bal Caf� is operated by Alice Quillet, Anna Trattles and Anselme Blayney.
  2. Physicians and psychologists today attribute much of the activities to sexual hysteria, alluded to so long ago by Quillet.
  3. Diaper also tried his hand at translation, producing an " imitation " of the seventeenth epistle of the first book of Horace and a version of part of the fourth book of Quillet's " Callipaedia ".
  4. "The colors may fade, the fabric wears thin, but the original design will last as long as the pagne does, " says Jean-Pierre Quillet, chief designer at Woodin, Abidjan's top fabric store.
  5. Fowler collected some of his journalistic articles into volumes and published them pseudonymously, including " More Popular Fallacies " ( 1904 ) by " Quillet ", and " Si mihi  ! " ( 1907 ) by " Egomet ".

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