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or Quillaia /ki-līˈə or -lēˈə/ noun
1. A genus of S American rosaceous trees whose bark has soaplike properties
2. A quillai


  1. The extract of quillaia is used in the manufacture of food additives ( E number 999 ).
  2. Its key ingredient is saponin, which can be obtained from the bark of either the quillaia or the yucca tree.
  3. The contents were, amongst other things, saponin, derived from the roots of soapwort, sodium bicarbonate, extract of vegetable syrup from quillaia and liquorice.
  4. However, when Quillaia saponins, cholesterol and phospholipids are mixed under the specific stoichiometry that forms ISCOMs, this haemolytic activity is practically eliminated, while the adjuvant activity is retained.

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