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[ kwest ] Pronunciation:   "quest" in a sentence
  • Noun: quest  kwest
    1. A search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria
      "a quest for wealth"
      - pursuit, pursuance 
    2. The act of searching for something
      "a quest for diamonds"
      - seeking
    Verb: quest  kwest
    1. Make a search (for)
      "Things that die with their eyes open and questing"; "The animal came questing through the forest" 
    2. Search the trail of (game)
      "The dog went off and quested" 
    3. Bark with prolonged noises, of dogs
      - bay 
    4. Seek alms, as for religious purposes 
    5. Express the need or desire for; ask for
      - request, bespeak, call for

    Derived forms: quested, quests, questing

    See also: quester

    Type of: bark, beg, chase, chase after, communicate, dog, give chase, go after, hunt, hunting, pass, pass along, pass on, put across, search, seek, solicit, tag, tail, tap, track, trail, woof

    Encyclopedia: Quest

  • [Computer]
    1. A language designed for its simple denotational semantics. "The Denotational Semantics of Programming Languages", R. Tennent, CACM 19(8):437-453 (Aug 1976).

    2. QUantifiers and SubTypes. Language with a sophisticated type system. Just as types classify values, "kinds" classify types and type operators. Explicit universal and existential quantification over types, type operators, and subtypes. Subtyping is defined inductively on all type constructions, including higher-order functions and abstract types. User-definable higher-order type operators.

    "Typeful Programming", Luca Cardelli 45, DEC SRC 1989.

    Implemented in Modula-3.

    3. <tool, text> A multimedia authoring system. Quest has been available for MS-DOS for some time. Version 3.5 for Microsoft Windows was released around March 1995. It features an Authorware-style flowchart system with an ANSI-C script language.


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  1. both sides should begin anew the quest for peace.
  2. he has come in quest of employment.
  3. this fruitless quest was called alchemy by the arabs.
  4. we come on a quest!
  5. you dry up and die in quest of a proof so obscure.

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