quark meaning

[ kwɑ:k ] Pronunciation:   "quark" in a sentence
  • Noun: quark  kwork or kwaa(r)k
    1. (physics) hypothetical truly fundamental particle in mesons and baryons; there are supposed to be six flavours of quarks (and their antiquarks), which come in pairs; each has an electric charge of +2/3 or -1/3
      "quarks have not been observed directly but theoretical predictions based on their existence have been confirmed experimentally" 
    2. Fresh unripened cheese of a smooth texture made from pasteurized milk, a starter, and rennet
      - quark cheese, curd cheese [Brit]

    Derived forms: quarks

    Type of: cheese, elementary particle, fundamental particle

    Part of: hadron

    Encyclopedia: Quark Quark, Strangeness and Charm

  • [Electronics]
    A hypothetical particle having a fractional electrical charge; quarks are thought to be constituents of other subatomic particles.

    quarter-deflection method A method of measuring high-frequency resistance, involving the use of a sine-wave signal source, a standard noninductive variable resistor, and a square-law radio-frequency ammeter.


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  1. using this identification, we read off the quantum numbers of the quarks.
  2. perhaps partons or quarks will be found with this accelerator.
  3. superpotent atom smashers will undertake the quark quest in the 1980s.
  4. the different kinds of quarks or leptons are known technically as flavors.
  5. we shall see later that gluons are essential to the dynamics of the quarks inside the proton.

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