put down to meaning

  "put down to" in a sentence
1. put sth down to sth to think that something, especially a problem or a bad situation, is caused by something else:
I didn't feel too good the next morning, but I put it down to a hangover.
Women are twice as likely as men to get skin cancer. Experts put this down to the fact that we're more fond of sunbathing.
SIMILAR TO: attribute to
2. put sth down to experience especially spoken to try not to feel upset by something bad that has happened, and try to forget about it or learn something useful from it:
There'll be other girlfriends. It's just one of those things you have to put down to experience.


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  1. and the poetry, would you put down to heavenly grace
  2. the shortage can be put down to bad planning
  3. the outbreak of cholera was put down to bad drinking water
  4. But the deaths they put down to another accident of war.
  5. Even the ending can be put down to a postpartum hallucination.

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