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put by sthput sth by especially BrE to save money so that you can use it later for a particular purpose:
Why don't you put by a little money each week? That way you'll soon be able to afford a motorcycle.
Luckily I had some money put by in case of emergencies.
SIMILAR TO: put aside

[American slang]
v. To save for the future; lay aside. He had put by a good sum during a working lifetime.
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  1. these apples were put by for the winter.
  2. these apples were put by for the winter.
  3. she has a fair amount of money put by.
  4. i had a bit of money put by and here was the chance to go into hops.
  5. anne could not immediately fall into a quotation again. the sweet scenes of autumn were for a while put by.

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