punch meaning

[ pʌntʃ ] Pronunciation:   "punch" in a sentence
  • Verb: punch  púnch
    1. Deliver a quick blow to
      "he punched me in the stomach"
      - plug, dong [Austral, NZ] 
    2. Drive forcibly as if by a punch
      "the nail punched through the wall" 
    3. Make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation
      - perforate
    Noun: punch  púnch
    1. (boxing) a blow with the fist
      - clout, poke, lick, biff, slug, dong [Austral, NZ] 
    2. An iced mixed drink usually containing alcohol and prepared for multiple servings; normally served in a punch bowl 
    3. A tool for making holes or indentations
      - puncher

    Derived forms: punches, punching, punched

    See also: puncher

    Type of: blow, hit, mixed drink, pierce, thrust, tool

    Encyclopedia: Punch, Brothers, Punch! Punch Punch, drunk love Punch, drunk, love Punch, India

  • [Architecture]

    A small sharply pointed metal tool which is struck with a hammer and used for centering, marking, or starting holes.


    A steel driving tool with a sharpened edge, used to cut holes in sheet metal.

  • [Business]
    verb [+ obj]

    to make a hole in sth with a special tool or some other sharp object:

    to punch a time card

    The machine punches a row of holes in the metal sheet.


    punch in (AmE)

    = CLOCK

    punch out (AmE)

    = CLOCK

  • [Oil and gas]


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  1. he laid his opponent low with a single punch.
  2. another punch makes his ear ring.
  3. he decked him with his first punch.
  4. there was not much punch in his remarks.
  5. he's got a vocabulary and a punch.

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