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  • noun
      A gentleman
  • pukka:    Adjective: pukka&n ...
  • sahib:    Noun: sahib & ...
  • burra sahib:     /burˈə säˈib/ &nb ...


  1. Major Gluckstein was involved in the post-war negotiations for a Jewish state, and was described as " a Pukka Sahib anti-Zionist British Jew ".
  2. "The Man-Eaters of Tsavo " has never been out of print, and justifiably so; in spite of Patterson's great-white-hunter pukka sahib manner, the primal nature of the story transcends the period prose.
  3. There has been a torrent of commentary condemning the pukka sahibs of the Raj _ for their arrogance; for their racial superiority; for mercantilist policies that enriched Britain and impoverished India; for a policy of divide and rule that aggravated tensions between Hindus and Muslims; for Amritsar, of course, and for usurping by conquest what never belonged to them.

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