puffball meaning

Pronunciation:   "puffball" in a sentence
Noun: puffball  'púf`bol
  1. Any of various fungi of the family Lycoperdaceae whose round fruiting body discharges a cloud of spores when mature
    - true puffball 
  2. Any of various fungi of the genus Scleroderma having hard-skinned subterranean fruiting bodies resembling truffles
    - earthball, false truffle, hard-skinned puffball

Derived forms: puffballs

Type of: fungus

Part of: family Lycoperdaceae, genus Scleroderma, Lycoperdaceae, Scleroderma

Encyclopedia: Puffball

n : any of various globose and often edible fungi (esp. family Lycoperdaceae) that discharge ripe spores in a smokelike cloud when pressed or struck


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  1. fungus-yellow puffball
  2. as he set foot on o connell bridge a puffball of smoke plumed up from the parapet . brewery barge with export stout
  3. the puffball is commonly found growing on plant debris and in grass . like other fungi, it gets its nutrition from dead organic matter
  4. Cut firm puffballs into 1 / 4-inch thick slices.
  5. These red puffballs are the most conspicuous parts of the flowers.

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