pub meaning

[ pʌb ] Pronunciation:   "pub" in a sentence
Noun: pub  púb
Usage: Brit, Cdn (=tavern)
  1. Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals
    - public house [Brit], saloon [Brit], pothouse [US], gin mill [N. Amer], taphouse [archaic], tavern, boozer [Brit]

Derived forms: pubs

Type of: tap house, tavern

Encyclopedia: Pub


1. PUBlishing. A 1972 text-formatting language for TOPS-10, with syntax based on SAIL. Influenced TeX and Scribe.

2. /pub, the top-level, publicly accessible directory on most anonymous FTP archives. This is usually where the interesting files are. See pubic directory.


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  1. he chucked a drunken man out of the pub.
  2. there is a pub at the bottom of the road.
  3. i am all for pubs being open all day.
  4. he plans to keep a pub when he retires.
  5. they were chucked out of the pub for being too rowdy.

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