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The most common and most biologically active of the mammalian prostaglandins. It exhibits most biological activities characteristic of prostaglandins and has been used extensively as an oxytocic agent. The compound also displays a protective effect on the intestinal mucosa.


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  1. effect of prostaglandin e2 and the tumor necrosis factor-on second messenger of lung fibroblast
  2. effects of buqi yangyin jiedu prescription on plasme prostaglandin e2, pancreatic glucagon and vasoactive intestine peptide in rat with chronic atrophic gastritis
  3. Ricinoleic acid specifically activates the EP3 prostanoid receptor for prostaglandin E2.
  4. Prostaglandin E synthase catalyzes the conversion of prostaglandin H2 to prostaglandin E2.
  5. OST-alpha together with taurocholate, digoxin, and prostaglandin E2 across cell membranes.

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