proscribe meaning

[ prəu'skraib ] Pronunciation:   "proscribe" in a sentence
Verb: proscribe  prow'skrIb
  1. Command against
    - forbid, prohibit, interdict, veto, disallow, nix [N. Amer]

Derived forms: proscribed, proscribes, proscribing

See also: proscription

Type of: command, require

Encyclopedia: Proscribe


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  1. backyard barbecue grills could be proscribed.
  2. that intolerable difference proscribed the word.
  3. in earlier days, the church proscribed dancing and card playing.
  4. soon he was proscribing parts of solutions and signatures and leaving the test untouched.
  5. what we sought was harmonization of separate judgments, not a legal document that proscribed different opinions.

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