prohibit meaning

[ prə'hibit ] Pronunciation:   "prohibit" in a sentence
Verb: prohibit  prow'hibit or pru'hibit
  1. Command against
    - forbid, interdict, proscribe, veto, disallow, nix [N. Amer]

Derived forms: prohibited, prohibiting, prohibits

See also: prohibition

Type of: command, require

Encyclopedia: Prohibit

AmE also / verb [+ obj] prohibit sth | prohibit sb from doing sth

1 (often be prohibited)

to stop sth from being done or used, especially by law:

rules prohibiting the use of certain additives in foods

Retailers are no longer prohibited from opening their stores on Sundays.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.


to make sth impossible:

High set-up costs prohibit many businesses from entering the industry.


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  1. it is competent to parliament to prohibit it.
  2. legislation can quickly prohibit pesticide use.
  3. the u.s. constitution prohibits the taxing of exports.
  4. the act prohibits price discrimination that lessens competition or injures a competitor.
  5. united states antitrust legislation prohibits corporations from dominating or monopolizing an industry.

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