proceeding meaning

[ prə'si:diŋ ] Pronunciation:   "proceeding" in a sentence
Noun: proceeding  pru'seeding
  1. (law) the institution of a sequence of steps by which legal judgments are invoked
    - legal proceeding, proceedings
Verb: proceed  pru'seed
  1. Continue talking
    - continue, go on, carry on, bang on 
  2. Move ahead; travel onward in time or space
    "We proceeded towards Washington"
    - go forward, continue 
  3. Follow a procedure or take a course
    - go, move 
  4. Follow a certain course
    - go 
  5. Continue a certain state, condition, or activity
    - continue, go on, go along, keep

Derived forms: proceedings

See also: procedure, procession

Type of: act, come about, due process, due process of law, fall out, go, go on, hap, happen, locomote, move, occur, pass, pass off, speak, take place, talk, travel

Encyclopedia: Proceeding

noun [C, usually pl.] (formal)

a legal process which aims to settle a dispute or deal with a complaint:

We do not want to get involved in costly legal proceedings.

a bankruptcy proceeding that lasted 45 days and cost the company about $750 000 in legal fees

bankruptcy/divorce/extradition proceedings

legal proceedings

In its general acceptation, this word means the form in which actions are to be brought and defended, the manner of intervening in suits, of conducting them, the mode of deciding them, of opposing judgments and of executing.

Proceediugs are ordinary and summary. 1. By ordinary proceedings are understood the regular and usual mode of carrying on, a suit by due course at common law. 2. Summary proceedings are those when the matter in dispute is decided without the intervention of a jury; these must be authorized by the legislature, except perhaps in cages of contempts, for such proceedings are unknown to the common law.

In Louisiana, there is a third kind of proceeding, known by the name of executory proceeding, which is resorted to in the following cases: 1. When the creditor's right arises from an act importing a confession of judgment, and which contains a privilege or mortgage in his favor. 2. When the creditor demands the execution of a judgment which has been rendered by a tribunal different from that within whose jurisdiction the execution is sought.

In New York the code of practice divides remedies into actions and special proceedings. An action is a regular judicial proceeding, in which one party prosecutes another party for the enforcement or protection of a right, the redress or prevention of a wrong, or the punishment of a public offence. Every other remedy is a special proceeding.


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  1. everything was proceeding according to the plan.
  2. our airlift was proceeding in stunning fashion.
  3. he judged that it was time to open the proceedings.
  4. the privy took proceedings against the company.
  5. the judge may institute proceedings.

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