priority meaning

[ prai'ɔriti ] Pronunciation:   "priority" in a sentence
  • Noun: priority  prI'óritee
    1. Status established in order of importance or urgency
      "national independence takes priority over class struggle"
      - precedence, precedency 
    2. Preceding in time
      - antecedence, antecedency, anteriority, precedence, precedency

    Derived forms: priorities

    See also: prior, prioritize

    Type of: earliness, high status

    Antonym: posteriority

    Encyclopedia: Priority

  • [Business]
    AmE ; / (plural priorities) noun

    1 [C]

    something that you think is more important than other things and should be dealt with first:

    Reducing costs is our top priority.

    The company made maintaining market share a priority.

    Financial security was high on his list of priorities.

    The deal has gone down the priority list of the company.

    Finding a suitable replacement has become our first priority.

    your first/main/number one/top priority

    ◆ a high/key/low priority

    2 [U]

    the most important place among various things that have to be done or among a group of people:

    Preferred stock holders will be given priority.

    We give priority to training and customer service.

    The new project will take priority over other issues.

    Early bids have priority over late bids.


    ❖ to be given/have/take priority (over sth/sb)

  • [Finance]
    Used for listed equity securities. System used in an auction market, in which the first bid or offer price is executed before other bid and offer prices, even if subsequent orders are larger. NYSE rules stipulate that the bid made first should be executed first, or if two bids came in at once, the bid for the large number of shares receives "priority." The bid not executed is then turned to the broker, who informs the customer that the trade was not completed because there was stock ahead. See: Standing.

  • [Law]

  • [Computer]
    <parallel> A technique for avoiding priority inversion by temporarily raising the prioriry of all processes that want to access a shared resource to the highest priority level of any of them. Priority inversion occurs where a low priority process, L is holding a resource required by a high priority process, H, but L is not running because a medium priority process, M is running. Under priority inheritance, L temporarily inherits H's priority, allowing L to run and release the resource H is waiting for.

    For example, an ambulance (H) is stuck behind a lorry (L) waiting at a junction (the shared resource) for a gap in a line of cars (M) using the junction. Applying priority inheritance, the cars give way to the lorry as they would to the ambulance, thus allowing the lorry and then the ambulance to use the junction.


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  1. financial controls were given priority.
  2. things should be taken up in order of priority.
  3. that task rates low on my priority list.
  4. it was a matter of balancing priorities.
  5. the news story had ceased to have priority.

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