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[ 'preʃə(r) ] Pronunciation:   "pressure" in a sentence
  • Noun: pressure  preshu(r)
    1. The force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit)
      "the compressed gas exerts an increased pressure"
      - pressure level, force per unit area 
    2. A force that compels
      "the public brought pressure to bear on the government" 
    3. The act of pressing; the exertion of pressure
      "he used pressure to stop the bleeding"
      - press, pressing 
    4. The state of demanding notice or attention
      - imperativeness, insistence, insistency, press 
    5. The somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin
      "the sensitivity of his skin to pressure and temperature was normal"
      - pressure sensation 
    6. An oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress 
    7. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere
      - atmospheric pressure, air pressure
    Verb: pressure  preshu(r)
    1. To cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means
      - coerce, hale [archaic], squeeze, force 
    2. Exert pressure on someone through threats
      - blackmail, blackjack

    Derived forms: pressuring, pressures, pressured

    See also: press, pressurize

    Type of: act upon, compel, distress, force, gas pressure, influence, obligate, oblige, physical phenomenon, push, pushing, somaesthesia [Brit, Cdn], somatesthesia, somatic sensation, somesthesia [N. Amer], urgency, work

    Encyclopedia: Pressure

  • [Architecture]

    The force per unit area exerted by a homogeneous liquid or gas on the walls of its container.

  • [Electronics]
    Abbreviation, P or p.
    1. Force per unit area. It can be expressed in any appropriate units of force and area (e.g., newtons per square meter, pounds per square inch, grams per square centimeter, etc.).
    2. The application of force over part or all of a surface.
    3. Compression.
    4. See TENSION,
    pressure amplitude The pressure caused by an acoustic disturbance. It is usually measured in dynes per square centimeter.

  • [Mechanics]
    "A type of stress which is exerted uniformly in all directions, its measure is the force exerted per unit area."

  • [Medicine]
    1 : the burden of mental or physical distress esp. from grief, illness, or adversity
    2 : the application of force to something by something else in direct contact with it : COMPRESSION
    a : the action of a force against some opposing force : a force in the nature of a thrust distributed over a surface
    b : the force or thrust exerted over a surface divided by the area of the surface
    6 : a touch sensation aroused by moderate compression of the skin


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  1. the negative pressure loop should be noted.
  2. he is straining under their pressure.
  3. she will sing if we put the pressure on.
  4. pressure inequalities generate gas motion.
  5. the pressure indication is then obtained.

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