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  • Noun: pressure gauge  preshur geyj
    1. Gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure
      - pressure gage

    Derived forms: pressure gauges

    Type of: gage [N. Amer], gauge

    Encyclopedia: Pressure gauge

  • [Architecture]

    An instrument for measuring fluid pressure.

  • [Oil and gas]
    An instrument for measuring fluid pressure. A pressure gauge usually registers the difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure of the fluid being measured by indicating the effect of such pressure on a measuring element (such as a column of liquid, a bourdon tube, a weighted piston, a diaphragm, or other pressure-sensing devices).


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  1. the simplest type of pressure gauge is the open-tube manometer.
  2. this apparatus consists essentially of a flow meter, a pressure gauge.
  3. the bourdon-type pressure gauge is more convenient for most purposes than a liquid manometer.
  4. flared type tube fittings-connector for pressure gauge-body
  5. standard pressure gauges with capsule element and diaphragm

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