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[ ˌprezen'teiʃən ] Pronunciation:   "presentation" in a sentence
  • Noun: presentation  `prezun'teyshun
    1. The activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward)
      "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation" 
    2. A show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view
      "the presentation of new data"
      - presentment, demonstration 
    3. The act of making something publicly available; presenting news or other information by broadcasting or printing it
      "he prepared his presentation carefully in advance" 
    4. The act of presenting a proposal 
    5. A visual representation of something
      - display 
    6. Formally making a person known to another or to the public
      - introduction, intro 
    7. (obstetrics) position of the foetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal
      "Caesarean sections are sometimes the result of abnormal presentations"

    Derived forms: presentations

    See also: present, presentational

    Type of: attitude, ceremony, display, informing, making known, position, posture, proposal, proposition, representation, show

    Encyclopedia: Presentation Presentation, Feast of the Presentation, Right of

  • [Business]
    AmE / noun

    1 [C]

    a talk or speech in which sth, especially a new product or idea, is shown or explained to a group of people; a meeting when this happens:

    The sales manager will give a presentation on the new products.

    software for preparing slide presentations

    the company's annual results presentation

    How many people were at the presentation?

    She is making a presentation to a group of engineers.

    I had 15 minutes to prepare a 5-minute presentation.

    ❖ to deliver/give/make/prepare a presentation

    ◆ a results/sales/strategy presentation

    2 [U]

    the way in which sth is offered, shown, explained, etc. to others:

    Improving the product's presentation

    (= the way it is wrapped, advertised, etc.) should increase sales.

    They are very careful about both the content and the presentation of their accounts.

    3 (formal) [U]

    the act of presenting or giving sth to sb:

    The money will be paid on presentation of a money order.

    The offer is dependent upon presentation of suitable documentation.

  • [Medicine]
    1 : the position in which the fetus lies in the uterus in labor with respect to the mouth of the uterus ‹face presentation› ‹a breech presentation›
    2 : appearance in conscious experience either as a sensory product or as a memory image
    3 : a presenting symptom or group of symptoms ‹clinical presentation of arthritis›
    4 : a formal oral report of a patient's medical history


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  1. the presentation was to be made at a luncheon.
  2. the presentation was crisp and methodical.
  3. how did your presentation go yesterday?
  4. the series aims at the presentation of new techniques.
  5. the thrust of his presentation was aimed at jordan.

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