possible meaning

[ 'pɔsəbl ] Pronunciation:   "possible" in a sentence
Adjective: possible  pósubul
  1. Capable of happening or existing
    "a breakthrough may be possible next year"; "anything is possible"; "warned of possible consequences" 
  2. Existing in possibility
    "possible uses of nuclear power"
    - potential
Noun: possible  pósubul
  1. Something that can be done
    "politics is the art of the possible" 
  2. An applicant who might be suitable

Derived forms: possibles

See also: accomplishable, achievable, affirmable, assertable, attainable, come-at-able, contingent, doable, executable, feasible, latent, likely, manageable, mathematical, possibility, possibleness, possibly, potency, potential, potentiality, practicable, practical, realisable [Brit], realistic, realizable, thinkable, viable, workable

Type of: applicant, applier, opening, possibility, possible action

Antonym: impossible

Encyclopedia: Possible


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  1. there are several possible explanations.
  2. it may be possible to reconcile both objectives.
  3. successs is possible but hardly probable.
  4. he was ruled out as a possible candidate.
  5. he stayed out of the house as much as possible.

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