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<mathematics> The conventional way of writing numbers as a string of digits in which each digit, D, has value D * R^I, where R is the radix or (number) base and I is the digit's position counting leftward from zero at the least significant (right-hand) end. Each digit can be zero to R-1. Each position has a weight or significance R times greater than the position to its right and the right-most place has a weight of one.

Decimal numbers are radix ten, binary numbers are radix two, octal radix eight and hexadecimal radix 16.

Positional representation makes arithmetic operations on large numbers much easier than, say, roman numerals. It is fundamental to the binary representation used by digital computers.


  1. in a positional representation system, a borrow digit is transferred to the digit place with the next higher weight for processing there
  2. The first positional representations were known to Indian astronomers about 500 years ago.
  3. It is a complicated question to determine exactly when the Chinese started calculating with positional representation, but it was definitely before 400 BC . The Bishop of Syria, Severus Sebokht ( 650 AD ), " Indians possess a method of calculation that no word can praise enough.
  4. Word embedding, such as " word2vec ", can be thought of as a representational layer in a deep learning architecture, that transforms an atomic word into a positional representation of the word relative to other words in the dataset; the position is represented as a point in a vector space.

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