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/-asˈid/ adjective
1. Having several replaceable hydrogen atoms
2. Capable of replacing several hydrogen atoms of an acid

adj : able to react with more than one molecule of a monoacid to form a salt —used esp. of bases
1 : an acid (as phosphoric acid) having more than one acid hydrogen atom
2 : an acid of a large group of oxygen-containing acids


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  1. Then a polyacid is applied to remove the red dye from collagen and some other components by displacement.
  2. The type of trichrome in which dyes and a polyacid are applied sequentially are called " multi-step trichromes ".
  3. In " one-step " methods, all the dyes, sometimes with and sometimes without a polyacid, are combined in a single solution.
  4. It is usually applied from a saturated solution in 80 % ethanol and often in conjunction with picric acid ( itself a dye ) and a polyacid.
  5. The name " polylactic acid " does not comply with IUPAC standard nomenclature, and is potentially ambiguous or confusing, because PLA is not a polyacid ( polyelectrolyte ), but rather a polyester.

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