poly meaning

Pronunciation:   "poly" in a sentence
Noun: poly  pólee
  1. Polyester or polythene
Combining form: poly-
  1. Many, multiple
    - multi-

Derived forms: polies

Encyclopedia: Poly


n pl pol·ys : a polymorphonuclear leukocyte
n : RNA or a segment of RNA that is composed of a polynucleotide chain consisting entirely of adenine-containing nucleotides and that codes for polylysine when functioning as messenger RNA in protein synthesis —called also polyadenylate, polyadenylic acid

<language> 1. A polymorphic, block-structured language developed by D.C.J. Matthews at Cambridge in the early 1980s.

2. A language developed at St Andrews University, Scotland.

3. A polymorphic language used in the referenced book.
  • poly a:    [Medicine]A group ...
  • poly t:    [Medicine]A group ...
  • poly(a):    [Medicine] n : RNA ...


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  1. the exact inception of the use of poly tubes in the united states is unknown.
  2. graphite and even its linear counterpart, poly (p-phenylene) are too insoluble, infusible, and brittle.
  3. water is collected in the 30ml poly bottles in the field and screw-capped ready for future treatment.
  4. different alleles may be acquired within the inverted segment after the inversion poly morphism is established.
  5. study on harmful effects of poly-drug abuse

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