plug-ugly meaning

Pronunciation:   "plug-ugly" in a sentence
Noun: plug-ugly
  1. Someone who bullies weaker people
    - tough guy

Derived forms: plug-uglies

Type of: bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yob [Brit], yobbo [Brit], yobo [Brit]

[American slang]
mod. very ugly.
• Your dog is just plug-ugly.
• My plug-ugly dog happens to be pedigreed.

[British slang]
Adj. Very ugly. Originally a ruffian, and taken from the New York gang of the mid 1800s, called the Plug Uglies. [Orig. U.S.]
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  1. scharfuhrer haindl looks as evil as he is; a real plug-ugly.
  2. party fools and plug-uglies like ley permeated the state and military structures.

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